Red and Blue Viking Helmet

   Hey! Ever wonder how to get the red viking helmet? In the December catalog, click on the dojo in the background on one of the pages, and it will say " Viking Helmet WARNING Horns are pointy and not recommended for penguins under 3." Well, for the blue helmet, open and close the viking helmet add 4 times. Then, you will see the magic of the blue helmet...

Going Under the Chat Bar

  First, try this in the town. (It works best here.) Click one of the corners under the bar. Continue clicking left corner, right corner, ect. Now you are under the chat bar!

   P.S         I like to turn green and wear a red propeller cap and act like Im a green puffle!

Stand by the Hill ( In Town)

  Have you seen penguins standing past the sign, by the hill in the town? Wonder how? Click the hill and open your mail. Wait a few seconds then close your mail. TA DA!!!!

Unlimited Furniture

   Want Unlimited furniture? Click your furniture, rug, ect. and use an item until you have no more. Open it again and click where it was while its still white. This may take a few trys, try scrolling down and then going up again to make it white again. Once you have one more than you used to, it will say -1. get as many of that item as you want after that and you wont have to use that cheat for it until you put up all the negatives. I haven't been caught doing this yet! Happy Cheating!

Better Cheats

Better cheats await! See CP Cheats page!