Know Thy Enemy

   Hey! Dragonfire08 here! Like the title? This article is about The Enemy, ACP. A key way to get ACP info is to go to an ACP website, Sign up, Ask for info to " Catch Up", post it in the comments, and BING! Its posted! You can even earn ranks by doing this! Other rank data on Rank Page. Oh, and you can get a range from 3 to 5 rank points from this!

 ACP Base Locations

 Hi! Its Judge Me1! I have found out that ACP has a base in the HQ, ACP holds many wars at the snow forts, They hide in the Lodge Attic, but rarely, and they are sometimes seen at the Town, convincing people to join them.

   Judge Me1 is awarded 5 RP for this info.

   Sneak Peek

   Want a sneak peak of the enemy's plans? Type in Club Penguin ACP and the website with all their plans is a click away!
Our Enemy's Flag