Hello fellow Ninjas! As you know, in Mammoth, A.C.P ( Army of club penguin) is invading the hideout and all of club penguin. This is my first website, so don't expect this to go too fast. I have made this site so we can plan attacks against ACP before they get us. Please enjoy!


The ACP And The War

   ACP has started this War, out of thought that ninjas were cruel, disgraceful, evil, people. Ninja Army is a peaceful community except for the fact that we attend these wars. Now don't think that I'm against these wars, because I'm not, but my point is, this war is for peace. None of us are allowed to join ACP. for peace, ACP must join us.
  P.S    S.A.P is our Alli. They are usually wearing gray and black clothing, sometimes yellow viking helmates.
The Hideout